Utility Coordination – Texas

  • Site and Data management
  • Record plans
  • Project tracking
  • Expedite communication between developer and utility owners
  • Identify potential conflicts
  • Facilitate utility conflict agreements
  • Site inspection
  • Experience of Utility Coordination based on the TxDOT utility manual and FHWA Utility Accommodation Rules
  • Deep understanding of the importance of utility coordination in pre-development schedules well in advance of the construction process
  • Comprehensive and open sharing of project development data and information between the development team and utility owners throughout the progress of design
  • Thorough consistent communication and technical expertise
  • Assist with alternative design options to mitigate and address conflicts



3D Design Modeling (TxDOT Pre-Certified)

3D Visualization and Animation (TxDOT Pre-Certified)3D Project Setup and Assistance4D Phase of Construction Modeling

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